17/03/2020 - Canadá - British Columbia - Mission - Cierre de escuelas indefinido [EN]

Hello Everyone, today Premier Horgan and the Minister of Education, Flemming, announced that all in class learning has been suspended.  All school districts are building plans over the next few days to continue the learning for students and to make sure that all students will recieve grades this school year, grade 12 students will graduate and that they are working on making admissions and transition to post-secondary smooth .  Please see the Superintendent for Mission Public Schools' email below and the attached announcement from the Minister of Education.

Please continue to follow our school district webpage at mpsd.ca and our twitter feed at @studyinmission for ongoing updates.

Thank you and we appreciate your support and understanding,

Colleen Hannah

Director-International Education 

Mission Public Schools


Letter from District Superintendent from Today 

Good afternoon everyone:

Most of you have likely heard today’s announcement from the Premier and the Minster of Education.  If you haven’t, essentially they are suspending ‘regular’ face to face classes.  No word on any end date on it at this time, and no details on things like how to implement a DL oriented program for ‘regular’ classes, how support staff will be impacted, and so on.  I have a conference call today at 4pm and another at 9am tomorrow. Following those meetings, hopefully I will have more information for you all.

I really appreciate the positive messages I have been receiving. We are absolutely in uncharted waters now, but we will steer cautiously and I will inform you as soon as the way ahead becomes clearer.  So, hold tight for the next day and hopefully we will have some information as we develop our plan for service after the spring break.

Please take care,



Comunicado del Ministro de Educación