27/03/2020 - Canadá - British Columbia - New Westminster - Comunicado del superintendente [EN]

Hello Agents,

I trust everyone is managing under the terrible circumstances. I am sorry to clutter up your mailboxes, but I want to ensure you are getting communication.

The attached letter was sent out to all students and parents whose email is in the district system.  It is intended for students in New Westminster who will continue their studies. If students are not continuing studies, please advise me so I can update our contacts.

Classes will not be ready to begin next week. We are gathering information from all families, local and international, and hope to have lessons available the following week. Teachers are being asked to connect with each student at least once a week going forward. Lesson delivery is being worked out.

Please contact me if there are questions at any time.

Karen Klein

Director, International Education


Comunicado del superintendente