20/04/2020 - Canadá - British Columbia - Richmond - Seguimiento de las clases online [EN]

Update from Richmond International Education

This update is to provide our international community with the latest information regarding school closures and the recent recommendations regarding COVID-19 in our province.  This notification will also be sent to parents, custodians, students and our homestay families.

Continuity of Learning Planning - Update

Over the last two weeks, teachers and our office have been reaching out to students by email and phone to see how they were doing and assess their learning needs and options.  Most classes will have started online this week with many already assigning tasks and assignments.

What to Expect Moving Forward
As previously stated, students who have left the district to return to their home country may have difficulty accessing learning opportunities. However, all students in kindergarten to grade 11 will receive final marks and students returning for the 2020-2021 academic year will advanced to the next grade if they were on track to pass the year before March break.  However, in order to do this, students must complete the academic program. This includes participating in online learning classes and completing assignments and tests as required until the end of the academic year in June.  If students have returned home, they must still engage in class as they would have if they were in Richmond and in class. 

If students have difficulty managing classes from their home country, they must communicate with their school or the international department as soon as possible.  Likewise, if students wish to participate in classes but have not heard from their teachers, please reach out to RIE immediately. 

Elementary Program
Although face-to-face instruction has been suspended, the District is committed to continuity of learning for the remainder of the school year.  However, as previously stated, learning and education will look different moving forward.  International elementary students will be provided with the same access to education as domestic students.  All students can expect shorter classes and more parental participation, as is common in Canada.  If parents require language or translation assistance, they are encouraged to communicate with the international department.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a mark go down between now and June?
Students’ current mark from Semester 2 mid Reporting is their base or starting point as we move into remote learning. The Ministry expects that students are continuing to engage in their learning and that work done both before the suspension of in-classroom instruction and during the remote learning phase will be considered. Students who have an “I” (incomplete) now and who do not engage in remote learning at all, despite your efforts to engage them, may receive a failing grade in June.

Do students need to complete more course work in addition to what was completed prior to the suspension of in-class instruction?
Yes, students are expected to continue their learning for each course they are enrolled in. If students are experiencing challenges with this, they should be working with their teachers, school and/or Richmond International Education.  

Will student be able to return to school this year?
At this time, we do not know when in-class learning at schools will resume in British Columbia.  The Minister of Education has indicated that he is hopeful that students returning to school again is a possibility before the end of the school year.  However, this will not happen unless it is absolutely safe to do so.  https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/minister-fleming-bc-schools-covid19-1.5531925

If students can return to school, can I return to Canada?
Students who have left Canada may return to the district if they meet Canadian entrance requirements that may be in place at that time, including self-isolating for 14 days.  You can keep up to date on Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) entrance requirements on their website: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/news/2020/03/canada-provides-update-on-exemptions-to-travel-restrictions-to-protect-canadians-and-support-the-economy.html

You may also wish to review other FAQs set up by the Ministry of Education on their website: Frequently Asked Questions 

Supporting Students

The COVID-19 pandemic can result in students feeling stressed, isolated and lonely.  To help, RIE has developed a number of initiatives to engage students online and connect them with others virtually, including keeping in touch with our students with positive video messages from our staff via social media.  Please follow us on Instagram, Facebook or continue to read newsletters regarding upcoming initiatives to support our students.

Richmond School District is here to support both you and your student.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Best wishes,

Richmond International Education