30/03/2020 - Canadá - British Columbia - Sooke - Estado del distrito escolar [EN]

Dear Partners,

We wanted to provide you with some information and updates related to our school district, now that our spring break period is ending.

Please find the following three attachments, that you can pass on to natural parents.

1 - Document with questions and answers related to the e-Learning / Continuity of Instruction plans for the school district

2 - Letter from the British Columbia Ministry of Education that was sent to parents and guardians on March 27

3 - A chart put together by one of our partners, MLI/CISS, with information that they have gathered from various countries regarding the ability of students to register with the governments in their own countries if they are abroad. This may be helpful for students who have not been able to repatriate, or who are hoping to do so in the coming week(s). We will also be sharing this with our students so that they are also aware. (Thank you to MLI/CISS for putting this together; they would like to point out that it is still a "work in progress")

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Warm regards,

Laura Schwertfeger

District Principal for International Student Programs | Sooke School District


1- FAQs

2- Comunicado del Ministro de Educación

3- Registro de extranjeros por países