16/03/2020 - Canadá - Nueva Escocia - Comunicado [EN]

Actualización sobre la situación en Nueva Escocia

Dear NSISP Representative:

Greetings from a sunny Nova Scotia! As we wrote to you on Friday, March 13, COVID-19 remains an evolving and challenging time in the world. We continue to put the best interests of our students, families, schools, staff, and communities at the forefront of every decision we make. Yesterday, there were three presumptive cases of COVID-19 in Nova Scotia. Today there are five. We expect this to change in the days ahead but the risk remains low in Nova Scotia as long as we follow the government directives.

As a result of these five presumptive cases, measures were taken across the province to increase the safety and well-being of all Nova Scotians, including our international students. One of these measures was to close all public schools in Nova Scotia until April 06, 2020. To that end, we are working closely with our Regional Centres for Education (RCEs) to ensure students and host families are kept up to date with information as it is relayed to us through the Province.

This afternoon the Canadian Government announced Canadian borders were being closed to all countries with the exception of the United States. We understand there is a lot of uncertainly around this situation, so we want to assure you, natural families, and students we are not asking students to leave Nova Scotia. We will continue to provide the utmost care for our students while they are in Nova Scotia.

You will hear from students about businesses being closed or limited hours and this is correct. We hope, in the province of Nova Scotia, by taking these measures we can help prevent the spread of COVID-19, flatten the curve, and get back to normalcy as soon as possible.

Students are also covered by their medical Blue Cross insurance if they do contract COVID-19 provided they have not travelled outside of Canada after March 14, 2020. Blue Cross has an updated website for further information: https://www.medaviebc.ca/en/covid19

For the latest information and updates, please visit:

Lastly, the NSISP office team is working diligently to keep you updated with information as quickly as we can. If you have immediate concerns about COVID-19 please contact us. All staff are continuing to work and can be reached by their email as usual.

If you have an emergency, our emergency telephone number: 1-902-890-3261.


Paul Millman
Executive Director, NSISP